All systems operational

No known issues.

Shift4 Payments
Degraded Performance

Multiple properties have reported that they cannot take payments or authorizations through their Shift4 integration. WebRezPro is investigating the issue.

Planned software maintenance notice
June 27, 2024 @ 9:30pm Mdt

WebRezPro will be conducting planned software maintenance on June 26, 2024, between 9:30pm and 10:10pm MDT. We do not anticipate any service disruptions or downtime during this period. 

Interactive & rate availability calendars

Multiple properties have reported an issue when loading the interactive and rate availability calendars. We are actively investigating the issue.

Notice from SynXis
Central Reservation Release March 18, 2023

SynXis Release Contents
March 18, 2023

“This is an outage release. Please note that the release will take approximately 12 hours (4AM to 4PM EDT) during which there will be three hours of system downtime from 5AM to 8AM EDT.  Please note that during this outage window, bookings will not be processed by any channel.”


For further information, please contact SynXis.

Degraded Performance

Clients using Tenerum are reporting an error message when trying to process payments.

The problem originates from Tenerum, and their team is currently investigating the issue.

2FA Email Delivery Interruption/Delays
Degraded Performance

WebRezPro is receiving reports that some two-factor authentication email messages are not being delivered. The issue is a result of a service disruption at Postmark, WebRezPro’s email delivery provider. We are investigating the issue. For more information, please visit:

July 28, 2022

Update 1:05 pm MDT
Postmark has restored its services and queued messages are in the process of being delivered.

Original Notification:
1:00pm MDT
Outgoing messages from WebRezPro to guests that were sent between 10am – 12:45pm Mountain Time may experience delays. These messages are queued for delivery once Postmark services are fully restored.

At 12:45pm Mountain Time, WebRezPro switched its email delivery service to Amazon Web Services — and outgoing emails are now being delivered successfully.

Once Postmark email services are restored, any queued messages should be delivered.

Keycoder issue in Chrome Browser

Some clients are reporting that the ‘make key’ button isn’t working properly in Chrome. Until a fix is released in Chrome, WebRezPro recommends using an alternate browser e.g. Firefox to access the system (for properties using Saflok).

Telephone Service
Degraded Performance


WebRezPro is currently experiencing technical issues with its telephone service provider. Calls are failing to connect/dropping. We are working with our provider to resolve the issue. If you need WebRezPro customer support, please submit a support ticket or email For all other inquiries, please email your account executive. integration
BCOM 504 Errors (Resolved)

Response from re: Errors

An outage impacted all connectivity APIs (except reservations) due to a gateway issue.

Start: 2024-02-20 17:06 UTC
End: 2024-02-20 21:20 UTC

Our apologies for any inconveniences this may have caused.

The following issue was resolved Feb 20 at 3:20 pm Mountain Time.

Multiple clients with a integration have reported seeing BCOM 504 errors in WebRezPro. This issue originates from and we are currently waiting for a resolution.


  • Reservations made via may not be posted in your WebRezPro system.
  • This could result in WebRezPro showing inaccurate availability.


  1. When you receive a booking notification from, manually enter this reservation into WebRezPro.
  2. At the end of the day, log into your extranet and generate a reservation report for the day.
  3. Cross reference this report with reservations posted in WebRezPro.
  4. Manually enter any reservations that appear in but are not in your WebRezPro system.

NOTE: If you are unable to generate a reservation report in, then use the reservation notifications emails sent to you by to cross reference the two systems.

When the system becomes operational, WebRezPro will automatically update with your latest availability, rates, and inventory.

Adding Credit Cards
Potential Error

Multiple properties have reported seeing a “502 Bad Gateway” error when attempting to tokenize credit cards or take payments. WebRezPro is investigating the issue.